Monday, July 20, 2015

Elf Names

The start player token
Let's talk about elf names!  The elves that build the toys are a long established tradition in the Santa mythos - but you never really hear then given names.  A quick search of the web reveals a few popular names - there's a certain collection of six names that keeps popping up - Alabaster Snowball, Bushy Evergreen, Sugarplum Mary, Shinny Upatree, Wunorse Openslae and Pepper Minstix.  Meh - the only one in there that I like is Pepper Minstix.  There's Hermey from the old Rudolph cartoon - and in fact that's the POP figure I use for the first player token in Santa's Workshop.  And then there's "Buddy" from the Will Ferrell movie "Elf" (as an aside...that movie came out in 2003.  2003!  12 years ago!).

Why the interest in elf names?  Well, in Santa's Workshop, each player leads a team of elves, and these elves can be trained over the course of the each player ends up with a unique set of workers.  Right now, the elves are represented by generic meeples, which are numbered.  That's not terribly exciting, and even though I explain before every game that you don't have to play the elves in numerical order...inevitably someone thinks that they have to do just that.  So, moving forward, we're going to do two things - the elves will get uniquely shaped meeples, and instead of being numbered, they will get names.  With 5 players, each having a possible 4 elves, that's 20 names that I need. 

Current player card..."Elf#1" doesn't sound as good as "Hermey", does it?
Here's the thing...coming up with elf names seems like it might be easy...but I seem to be having a case of elf block.  So, any suggestions are appreciated.  Below is what I've come up with.  I have sort of separated them by theme, which is sort of vaguely related to the color (and sometimes that's VERY vague...or even non-existant).  Each team will have two male and two female elves.  Of course, who knows what a male or female elf name really is...

Anyway, without further's what I have so far (them in parenthesis)...

Green (nature, plants)
Ivy, Holly, Mistle, Evhar, Sprucey

Blue (weather, cold)
Twinkle, Snowflake, Zephyr

Red (Bells)
Jingles, Sylvar, Tahko, Rusty, Ding Dong

Pink (candy)
Pepper Minstix, Bubbles, Sugarplum

Yellow (miscellaneous)
Reginald Van Pippington, Gullygawk*, Buzzlewitz*, Tumbleflump

* These are names from a couple different traditions I found in Europe and the U.S.

I actually have some more, but I think I left that sheet at work...I'll update this post when any others.  But if you have any suggestions, please chime in!  Should I do away with the whole theme by color thing?  I'm wide open here...